Translational Pancreatic Cancer Research: From Understanding of Mechanisms to Novel Clinical Trials


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Author(s): Christoph W. Michalski, Jonas Rosendahl, Patrick Michl, Jörg Kleeff

Series: Molecular and Translational Medicine

Publisher: Springer International Publishing;Humana, Year: 2020

ISBN: 9783030494759,9783030494766

​This book incorporates a multi-disciplinary approach to present how research results can be translated into clinical trials. The first part begins with a chapter on variants of pancreatic cancer, precursor lesions and groups of people at risk to developing the disease. There is a particular focus on intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasia as a large-scale clinical challenge in pancreatology. The next two parts focus on diagnosis, biomarkers and stratification that emphasize how various approaches to biomarker development are important as both prognostic and predictive tools. The final part consists of personalized treatment approaches that include preclinical models of pancreatic cancer and stromal, epigenetic and metabolism targeting as promising approaches to be translated into early phase clinical trials. Chapters within this part also deal with approaches that are close to being implemented in clinical practice or are already being tested in (early) clinical trials, such as those that targeting the immune systems and strategies to overcome immunotherapy resistance; phase 1 clinical trials and translational approaches in surgical treatment.
Written by experts in their fields, Translational Pancreatic Cancer Research provides an outlook towards future directions by integrating information both from basic and clinical research and though demonstrating pathways to better understanding pancreatic cancer and current approaches to translating these into clinical practice.

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