Transition towards a sustainable biobased economy


Author(s): Clark, James H.; Morone, Piergiuseppe

Series: Green chemistry series No. 64

Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry [2020, Year: 2020

ISBN: 9781839160271,9781788015912,9781839160288,1788015916


Globally we are being confronted by the depletion of many natural resources as a result of unsustainable use and increasing global population. Although the debate on the bioeconomy has gained momentum in recent decades, the interest in certifications and standards for biobased products is still weak. This book aims to fill this gap by promoting a holistic approach, which covers environmental, social and economic sustainability aspects and pushes forward the development of a circular, biobased economy.


This book promotes the development of sustainability schemes (including standards, labels and certifications) for the assessment of biobased products, which are fundamental to the establishment of a cutting-edge sustainable bioeconomy. Chemical-related, globally relevant case studies are used throughout the book. The content covers a range of issues from upstream and downstream environmental, techno-economic and social assessment, to crosscutting issues such as indirect land use change (iLUC) and end-of-life options. The chapters included in this book will provide a comprehensive review of recent works on life cycle assessment (LCA), life cycle costing (LCC) and social life cycle assessment (s-LCA) methodologies.


An important resource for researchers, industrial professionals and policy makers involved in the bioeconomy.

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