The Way of the Fearless Man: Getting the Life You Really Want


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Author(s): PUA Freeman

Publisher: PowerfullyConfident, Year: 2016

You are about to learn the secret of truly fearless men. Fear is only the graffiti scribbled on the outer walls of your comfort zone. Most men hear it and turn back to safety – a handful ignore it and start running towards the wall instead of away from it.

The Way of The Fearless Man is your guide to a whole new way of thinking – a paradigm shift so far only mastered by the top one percent of male society. The knowledge in this book is considered so profound that it will affect every aspect of your life from your career, relationships, health, and through to your overall happiness.

You will be able to quickly identify areas of your life that have been held back by fear and use the tools and exercises to smash through your old barriers and start to live the life of your dreams. Grand claims for sure, but thousands of men just like you are testimony to the effectiveness of this amazing book.



  • How to be fearless in three easy steps
  • Be the man that all women want
  • Breaking through your comfort zone
  • The five signs that it is time to take action
  • How to become powerfully confident with women
  • Escape the average Joe world and join the elite one percent

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