The Seven Deadly Profile Photo Sins


Author(s): Fiore Michael.

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Online Allure Formula gives you all the tools, tips, and tricks you need to create a digital “man magnet” that attracts great guys who will crawl through broken glass to give you exactly what you’re looking for in a relationship. Whether it’s a serious thing or a casual fling, I’ll show you how to make it happen.
The internet is a visual medium, and men are visual creatures, so it should come as no surprise that I dedicated an entire section of Online Allure Formula to creating the perfect profile photos.
Your photo is the very first thing that guys will see when they stumble across your profile on any dating site, and it’s absolutely critical that your pic sends the right message. Not just to draw in great guys like bees to honey, but to make sure that you’re not a target for creeps, jerks, players, or douchebags. (Unless you’re into creepy player jerk douchebags, in which case you can just post a photo of your tits and call it a day.)
In the photo section of Online Allure Formula, I’ll teach you exactly what kinds of photos to put on your online dating profile – the kinds of poses men respond to; how to get the right responses; even detailed tricks like what to wear, what you should be doing, the exact blueprint for the perfect profile photos.
But that’s way more training than I could fit into a single downloadable report like this, and it’s getting the cart ahead of the horse.
In this report, you’ll get the first part of the actual “Perfect Profile Pics” training lesson taken directly from the
Online Allure Formula: The Seven Photo Mistakes that will Kill Your Online Dating Profile.
These mistakes will make you invisible to great guys, and even scare them away.
Worse, they’ll make you very visible to the wrong kind of guys, and your inbox will be full of penis photos, rambling messages from anonymous stalkers, and copy-pasted “lines” from players that are just looking to use you and lead you on.
And some of these photo mistakes might seem funny, some might seem like common knowledge, but they’re all based on things that I’ve actually seen out in the world of online dating – when I was single and dated women online a few years ago, and while doing research for Online Allure Formula.

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