The Good Wife’s Guide to Taking Charge: A Female-Led-Relationship Primer



Author(s): Rebecca Lawson

Year: 2016


Rebecca Lawson, Your Average Femdom Queen, is back with an all-new guide for beginners, reluctant brides, and curious wives! Including a brand new, never before published, 3,000+ word short story, “The Birthday Spanking!”

Do you suspect your husband wants a strict wife to take control? Has he shared his fantasies with you regarding domestic discipline? Like many women with this idea sprung upon them, you may have no clue where to begin. Have no fear, this book is for you! Written with the somewhat reluctant wife and the definite first-timer in mind, this book provides some practical hints, tips, and tricks on how to get your wife-led-marriage off the ground. This book defines the terms, discusses the mechanics of the “strict wife fantasy,” as well as covers spanking, humiliation, chastity, teasing and denial.

Included in this tome is a list of punishments, as well as resources, and even a realistic fictional account which illustrates these principles in practice. It’s a great starting point to get you off on the right foot. Have fun!

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