The Cancer Misfit


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Author(s): Saskia Lightstar

Publisher: Hay House, Year: 2020

ISBN: 9781788174039,9781788175944

You’ve survived cancer – now what?

The Cancer Misfit is here to support you when doctors, friends, and family have gone “back to normal” and assumed you can do the same. It’s a life raft to help you navigate life after cancer treatment; to help you live better, think better, feel better, and embrace your new future.

After the treatment stops, it can be difficult to move on, and many survivors feel stuck in limbo. Saskia felt like a cancer misfit after her treatment – recovered physically, but mentally and emotionally still healing. Now, Saskia shares the tools that enabled her to become the happiest version of herself she has ever known.

The Cancer Misfit will help you find the truth – that your best life and most beautiful self was not the person you were before your cancer diagnosis, but the person you are today; that you’ve become even more powerful because of the hell you went through, and that the greatest chapter of your life is here and now.

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