Textbook of Primary Care Dermatology


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Author(s): David Buckley, Paola Pasquali

Publisher: Springer, Year: 2021

ISBN: 3030291006,9783030291006,9783030291013

Contains useful quick reference tables which can be used during a busy consultation to look up various presentations or treatments in dermatology
Provides patient information leaflet templates that the busy doctor can copy and give to their patients
Features videos on a variety of dermatology procedures, including on how to perform a punch biopsy, bandage a leg ulcer and freeze warts using cryosurgery

This textbook provides a comprehensive, practical guide to the identification of a range of common dermatological conditions encountered within primary care. It features a problem-based approach to the topics and conditions covered. Clinical photographs, diagrams and pertinent tables along with clear learning objectives, clinical pearls and pitfalls in each chapter facilitate understanding in the diagnosis and management of a range of common dermatological conditions.

Textbook of Primary Care Dermatology empowers the reader to develop their understanding of how to deal with a range of common skin, hair and nail problems. It is ideal for training and practising primary care physicians seeking a quick reference guide to use in their clinical practice and the trainee dermatologist seeking a primer on the topic. It is also suitable for other members of the primary care team including nurses, pharmacists, physician associates and clinical assistants, and it is very useful for hospital-based doctors and nurses in other disciplines who want a quick, practical reference to common dermatological problems.

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