Sirtuin Biology in Cancer and Metabolic Disease: Cellular Pathways for Clinical Discovery


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Author(s): Kenneth Maiese

Publisher: Academic Press, Year: 2021

ISBN: 0128224673,9780128224670

Sirtuin Biology in Cancer and Metabolic Disease: Cellular Pathways for Clinical Discovery offers a compelling and thought-provoking perspective for the examination of the intriguing biology of sirtuins that ties cancer and metabolic disease together and provides a critical platform for the development of sirtuin-based novel therapeutic strategies to effectively treat cancer and metabolic disorders with precision in order to minimize any potentially detrimental clinical outcomes. An exciting prospect for the development of innovative therapeutics for cancer and metabolic disorders involves sirtuins. Sirtuins are histone deacetylases that have an intricate role in the onset and development of cancer and metabolic disease. Implementing a translational medicine format, this innovative reference highlights the ability of sirtuins to oversee critical pathways that involve stem cell maintenance, cellular proliferation, metabolic homeostasis, apoptosis, and autophagy that can impact cellular dysfunction and unchecked cellular growth that can occur during cancer and metabolic disease. Each chapter offers an intuitive perspective of advances on the application of sirtuin pathways for cancer and metabolic disease that will be become a “go-to” resource for a broad audience of scientists, physicians, pharmaceutical industry experts, nutritionists, and students.


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