Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally: Alternative Treatments for Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, Hashi...


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Author(s): Michelle Honda

Publisher: Hatherleigh Press, Year: 26 June 2018

ISBN: 1578267560,978-1578267569

Offering breakthrough and effective holistic methods to manage and reduce thyroid problems naturally from a leading naturopathic doctor.

Thyroid health problems have already reached epidemic proportions in North America. Due to modern day medical treatment protocols, protecting one’s thyroid is no longer as simple as providing a few key nutrients to maintain its function and vital body support. Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally provides a comprehensive overview of thyroid disease and other related problems and how to effectively and naturally treat them. The book is a complete resource of healing remedies, dietary recommendations and protocols to bolster the systems of the body. Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally offers practical tips and alternative solutions to popular drugs as well as beneficial supplements and home remedies.

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