Resource recovery from wastes: towards a circular economy


Author(s): Macaskie, Lynne E.; Mayes, Will M.; Sapsford, Devin J

Series: Green chemistry series no. 63

Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry, Year: 2020

ISBN: 9781788016353,9781788013819,9781788018654,1788013816

The concept of a circular economy has been gaining increasing attention in recent years. Many of the sources of chemicals we have become reliant on are dwindling and the accumulation of waste products poses a serious environmental problem. Recovering resources from these waste materials can reduce our dependence on less sustainable virgin feedstocks, as well as reducing the quantity of material going to landfill sites. Bringing together a broad range of cross-disciplinary topics on resource recovery this book provides a valuable resource for those working in circular economy research, green chemistry and waste management.

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