Python Programming: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Learn Python Machine Learning Step-by-Step


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Author(s): Stark, Alex

Year: 2021

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8599089612

Are you brand new to machine learning and Python?Do you want to learn good coding techniques quickly and easily?Then Python Programming is the book for you!Python is one of the best platforms for those new to programming to begin with. The book will introduce you to the basic concepts of Machine Learning, Python programming language, various program libraries, and supporting platforms. This guide will help you with your journey into the world of Python Machine Learning and help you navigate your way from a newbie to an intermediate level. You’ll learn: • Getting Started with Python • The Basic Principles of Python Machine Learning • Getting Started With Data Visualization • The Use of Predictive Analytics • How to start writing anAlgorithm• Everything about Decision Tree• How to work with Data • Neural Networks,Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), andCloud Computing • And more…Even if you’ve never looked at a computer program before and had always thought that learning a computer language would be too difficult, this book can help.With it’s easy to understand and simple language, you could soon be wondering why you never thought about trying computer programming before.Get a copy of Python Programming today and start your new adventure now!

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