Proteins in Food Processing, Second Edition


Author(s): Yada, Rickey Yoshio

Series: Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition

Publisher: Woodhead Publishing;Elsevier Ltd., Year: 2018

ISBN: 0081007221,978-0-08-100722-8,978-0-08-100729-7,0081007299,234-236-207-2

Proteins in Food Processing, Second Edition, reviews how proteins may be used to enhance the nutritional, textural and other qualities of food products. After two introductory chapters, the book discusses sources of proteins, examining the caseins, whey, muscle and soy proteins, and proteins from oil-producing plants, cereals and seaweed. Part Two illustrates the analysis and modification of proteins, with chapters on testing protein functionality, modeling protein behavior, extracting and purifying proteins and reducing their allergenicity. A final group of chapters delves into the functional value of proteins and how they are used as additives in foods.

  • Completely revised and updated with new developments on all food protein analysis and applications, such as alternative proteins sources, proteins as emulsifiers, proteins in nanotechnology and egg proteins
  • Reviews the wide range of protein sources available
  • Examines ways of modifying protein sources
  • Discusses the use of proteins to enhance the nutritional, textural and other qualities of food products

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