Precision Medicine in Cancer Therapy


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Author(s): Daniel D. Von Hoff, Haiyong Han

Series: Cancer Treatment and Research 178

Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-16390-7;978-3-030-16391-4

This book presents the latest advances in precision medicine in some of the most common cancer types, including hematological, lung and breast malignancies. It also discusses emerging technologies that are making a significant impact on precision medicine in cancer therapy. In addition to describing specific approaches that have already entered clinical practice, the book explores new concepts and tools that are being developed.
Precision medicine aims to deliver personalized healthcare tailored to a patient’s genetics, lifestyle and environment, and cancer therapy is one of the areas in which it has flourished in recent years. Documenting the latest advances, this book is of interest to physicians and clinical fellows in the front line of the war on cancer, as well as to basic scientists working in the fields of cancer biology, drug development, biomarker discovery, and biomedical engineering. The contributing authors include translational physicians with first-hand experience in precision patient care.


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