Practical Guide to Dermatology: The Henry Ford Manual


Author(s): Henry W. Lim, Laurie L. Kohen, Samantha L. Schneider, Danielle Yeager

Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-18014-0,978-3-030-18015-7

Description:This practical manualprovides a real-world educationally focused resource. It enables the reader to gain a good understanding of a range of skin diseases, their differential diagnosis and various medicaland/or surgical treatment options. Topics coveredinclude general dermatology, oncodermatology, drugs, phototherapy, pigmentary disorders, skin of color, inpatient dermatology and pediatric dermatologyEmphasis is placed onconcise, practical points that one can use in clinic, with informative pearls to reinforce the key messages in each chapter.

Practical Guide to Dermatology: The Henry Ford Manual systematically describes a broad range of practical concepts, diagnostic and treatment techniques involving various dermatological disciplines. It represents a valuable reference guide for practising and trainee dermatologists alike.

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