Polymer colloids: formation, characterization and applications


Author(s): Priestley, Rodney D.; Prud’homme, Robert K

Series: Soft matter series no. 9

Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry, Year: 2020

ISBN: 9781788016476,9781788014175,9781839161216,1788014170

Based on a specialised course by the editors, this book provides the reader with an invaluable single source of reference on polymer colloids. The first section describes formation, explaining basic properties of emulsions and dispersion polymerization, microfluidic approaches to produce polymer-based colloids and formation via directed self-assembly. The next section details characterisation methodologies from microscopy and small angle scattering, to surface science and simulations. Finally, the book finishes with chapters devoted to applications, including pickering emulsions, active matter, and molecular engineering for materials development.


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