Phytonutrients in food: from traditional to rational usage


Author(s): Nabavi, Seyed Mohammad(Editor);Suntar, Ipek(Editor);Barreca, Davide(Editor);Khan, Haroon(Editor)

Series: Woodhead Publishing in food science technology and nutrition

Publisher: Woodhead Publishing, Year: 2019;2020

ISBN: 9780128153543,9780128157084,2172192252,0128153547

Phytonutrients in Food: From Traditional to Rational Usageoffers an overview of phytonutrients and reveals techniques related to the extraction, separation, identification and quantification of these compounds. The book focuses on the connection between the discovery and characterization of new molecules, explores new applications of well-known compounds and their relative effects for human health, analyses the processes of extraction, identification and production, and explains the protocols and precautions to avoid degradation, significant loss, or production of secondary reactions during production. Intended for researchers, product developers, nutritionists, food chemists, pharmacologists, pharmacists and students studying these topics, this book provides an invaluable reference.

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