New Leadership in Strategy and Communication: Shifting Perspective on Innovation, Leadership, and Sy...


Author(s): Nicole Pfeffermann

Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-19680-6,978-3-030-19681-3


This contributed volume provides new approaches, fresh ideas, valuable insights, and latest research in leadership—from strategic business (model) innovation to system design and humanity—and is a knowledge source and inspirational guide for scientists and practitioners alike.A key theme is the provision of an integrated perspective on leadership in strategy and communication which allow (senior) leaders, managing di-rectors, project managers, and individuals to (1) better link strategic busi-ness innovation and leadership and (2) shift to the new human self-lead-ership paradigm and in particularly leadership advances that consider ideas from multiple disciplines and transgenerational views. That includes a new understanding about knowledge, learning and change and how leaders re-discover and develop their human abilities, which include intui-tion/strength, balance and clarity, projection-reflection, and wisdom.This volume also makes an important contribution to the evolving aca-demic domain by providing the latest insights on trauma research, DNA healing, system (re)design, and growth & abundance mindset in the ad-vanced co-creation age.

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