Management of Localized Pancreatic Cancer : Current Treatment and Challenges


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Author(s): Susan Tsai, Paul S. Ritch, Beth A. Erickson, Douglas B. Evans

Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-319-98943-3,978-3-319-98944-0

This book is designed to present a comprehensive understanding for the rationale of neoadjuvant treatment sequencing for localized pancreatic cancer and to focus on accurate clinical staging and stage-specific treatment sequencing. Sections address important aspects of clinical management of localized pancreatic cancer from diagnosis to surgery. These areas include initial radiographic staging, management of obstructive jaundice, role of chemotherapy and chemoradiation in neoadjuvant therapy, assessment of treatment response, and operative considerations for complex vascular resections. A brief review of suggested readings addressing the particular topic follows in each section, as well as a summary of clinical “pearls”.
Management of Localized Pancreatic Cancer: Current Treatment and Challenges provides a comprehensive resource which clearly defines the principles of neoadjuvant therapy as well as a clinical framework for successful therapy. It serves as a valuable guide to physicians of multiple disciplines who are interested in utilizing neoadjuvant therapy for localized pancreatic cancer.

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