Leading and Supportive Love – The Truth About Dominant and Submissive Relationships


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Author(s): Chris M. Lyon

Year: 2012

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B009SZ2OPW

Have you felt ‘left out’ of the traditional relationship self-help books because you prefer a relationship with a leading partner and a partner who follows? Whether you are single or in a relationship, vanilla or in a certain lifestyle, if this is your true Relationship Orientation, this book is for you.

This educational resource and reference guide, Leading and Supportive Love, the Truth about Dominant and Submissive Relationships, can help with new and clearer understanding of yourself, your relationship and acceptance with your loved ones.

The Dominant and Submissive Relationship is an ancient and contemporary harmonious dance that has become mysterious, magnetic, powerful, and controversial in modern day society. It may not be what you think, and some of the truth may surprise you!

It’s a law of nature for socialized animals and humans to have hierarchical relationships. There are those who answer that call in a more literal, thorough way. The couple has a “pack leader”, or a dominant leader; and a submissive member. Through history to modern day, both roles have been held by both men and/or women…Oh and yes, this is a relationship where both partners are equals.

Read about partner type profiles, case illustrations, research insights, relationship help, and surprising details that may make you look at this type of long-term, committed relationship in a whole different way.

Do you identify with one of these lists of traits? Most people either do identify or know someone who does. If so, this unprecedented book is for you!


– Service to your partner is of great priority to you and you take it very seriously.
– Decisiveness, direction, and guidance from your partner makes you feel secure and loved.
– You avoid conflict and are generally non-confrontative in nature in close relationships.
– You greatly appreciate your partner being clear and direct with communication, so there are no doubts about what the expectations are.
– You appreciate the freedom that comes from structure, surrender, and personal discipline.


– You have natural dominant traits and seem comfortable and confident when using them.
– You place an importance on follow-through and follow-up from your partner.
– You step into your natural abilities to lead, guide, protect and direct.
– It’s important to you that you earn trust from your partner. You will not ask for it or demand it up front.
– You feel safe, secure and valued when your partner trusts you to lead and make decisions in the areas agreed upon.


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