Jeffrey Epsteins Black Book – UNREDACTED


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Author(s): Jeffrey Epstein

Year: 2020

Jeffrey Epstein, a well-connected but enigmatic billionaire, was first charged and
convicted in 2008 of sexually abusing dozens of minors in Palm Beach, FL. Amid
increased media scrutiny Epstein was arrested again in 2019 and a month later
allegedly committed suicide in prison.
Jeffrey is hailed by many critics as the most prolific of all sex offenders, a groomer
and pimp of teenage girls as sex slaves to the rich and powerful. This shallow view
makes headlines but ignores a more sobering reality. To his clients and puppeteers
he was a fixer and enforcer, an blackmailer and entrapper to the bidding of the
ugliest forms of global elite corruption.
In his personal effects that were introduced and accepted into undisputed court
evidence were a personal contact list, the so-called “Black book”, and the flight
logs of plane trips to his infamous personal island in the Virgin Is. The FAA
requires the names of the passengers be listed. Unlike most scandals where
accessories remain hidden, here we have a microscope to probe the guts of a
monster. The complex dark web of enablers has reached the naked light of day.
The digital army of anons is prying up the floorboards and digging in the bushes.
Here is what they found in easy to read form…
Jeffrey Epstein claimed he was not a sexual predator, not everyone draws that line
in the same place.

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