Internet Communication Technology (ICT) for Reconciliation: Applied Phronesis Netnography in Interne...


Author(s): Iyad Muhsen AlDajani

Series: Lecture Notes in Social Networks

Publisher: Springer International Publishing;Springer, Year: 2020

ISBN: 9783030412029,9783030412036

Description:The book explores Applied Phronesis in internet communication technology and Netnography application, introducing it on Facebook and YouTube usages. It defines two pillars for the research dynamics, “Episteme” and “Techne.” – the know-how, how-to, and the power dynamics. The “Episteme” explores the dynamics of reconciliation in the middle of conflict, Internet communication technologies for transformation, Moderation in Islam, online Deliberative Democracy.

The second pillar, “Techne,” is explored through Internet communication technology for the advancement of reconciliation in the middle of a conflict.

The book describes the Phronetic Approach in internet research in academic discourse adopting Phronesis “an Aristotelian concept and method defined by Bent Flyvbjerg,” and exploring Netnography for Kozinets, in Mixed-Method research design and applying methodological triangulation in research and testing the hypothesis using qualitative content analysis for Krippendorff, developing a methodological discourse for interdisciplinary research using internet communication technologies as part of understanding big-date, introducing Applied Digital Humanities.

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