Infections in Neutropenic Cancer Patients


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Author(s): Ana Paula Velez, Jorge Lamarche, John N. Greene

Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-21858-4,978-3-030-21859-1

As bone marrow transplant treatments and chemotherapy develop, the population of neutropenic cancer patients is on the rise. These developments are allowing patients to live longer, but in recent years, they have also led to an increase in previously rare infections and syndromes, whose management is unfamiliar to the average healthcare professional. Infections in Neutropenic Cancer Patients is a crucial resource for medical students, residents, practitioners, health professionals, and researchers. It details the clinical presentation, diagnoses, and management of an array of common infections and syndromes specific to neutropenic cancer patients, including real scenarios accompanied by color photos and radiographic results. Chapters include step-by-step tutorials, access to clinical answers on diagnosis and treatment, and a tabulated summary of the key points.

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