In Her Arms: A Transgender Romance Story


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Author(s): Gayle Keo

Year: 2017

ISBN: 978-1520745497

Patricia Snowball recently had a sex change from being a man and into a woman. She decided to have the operation because for her whole life, she felt that she was born into the wrong body. She had been raised in a family that comprised of her mother and her sisters and felt more comfortable in a woman’s world. Her father wasn’t around as she grew up, which didn’t make any difference since she identified as a woman and not a man. Back in the day when she was a man, she had grown and adapted to the feminine behaviors of those around him. In the ending, unable to find the sort of love and satisfaction that she wanted, she decided to have a sex change and start her life over in a new city. Millionaire Ethan Bradford knew that he wanted Patricia Snowball with a passion right from the very first time that he laid his eyes on her. He later met her at a party at the Four Seasons, and he realized that what he felt for her was more than just attraction. Could it be love, because he was a man that did not believe in love? After having the best experience of her life, Patricia knows that she must tell Ethan that she was once a man, Patrick. She is not sure whether he will take off and forget about her, or if he will understand her and hit it off with her.

A standalone short story with a collection of 36 bonus romance stories inside!


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