How To Get Tons Of Female Attention


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Author(s): Guy Blaze

Year: 2015

ISBN: 1514859793,978-1514859797


So I guess you’re here to learn why these bitches aren’t fucking with you. I’m gonna be very honest with you, because it’s the only way to get the point across. You need to understand why these hoes have no love for you. If you think it’s because your unattractive, then your wrong. Maybe it might have a little to do with it, but not really. We all know unattractive men with a ton of confidence, and a ton of bitches. A lot of the time it’s just you being incredibly boring, and uninteresting. Or it could be you being incredibly annoying, and overconfident. So I’m going to list a bunch of reasons why these bitches aren’t fucking with you. Then I’m going to list a bunch of ways you could change that. I’m gonna teach you how to attract women online, how to attract a married woman, how to woo a girl, how to get a girlfriend step by step, and how to attract people. There are tones of women seeking men for sex, and women looking for men. You just need to become the type of man their looking for.

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