Healthy Presentations: How to Craft Exceptional Lectures in Medicine, the Health Professions, and th...


Author(s): Emily P. Green

Publisher: Springer, Year: 2021

ISBN: 3030727556,9783030727550


This book is a practical guide for busy clinicians and educators within the biomedical sciences on how to improve their presentations. It includes specific, practical guidance on crafting a talk, tips on incorporating interactive elements to facilitate active learning, and before-and-after examples of improved slide design. Chapters discuss all aspects of exceptional presentations such as the identification of main concepts, organization of content, and best practices for creating lectures that are focused on the facilitation of learning rather than on passive information transfer. The examples provided are grounded in the biomedical sciences where presentations are necessarily dense and rich with critical content, making this book an essential read for anyone who lectures within a biomedical curriculum or presents at professional conferences.
This book also addresses hot topics in medical education such as presenting on virtual platforms, and reviewing teaching materials for diversity, inclusion, and bias. These topics are not addressed in any other books on the market, and they address real gaps in medical and health professions training.
Written from the perspective of an educator with over 20 years of experience in medical education, Healthy Presentations: How to Craft Exceptional Lectures in Medicine, the Health Professions, and the Biomedical Sciences recognizes the importance of high-quality, inclusive, and learner-centered presentations, and it provides essential guidance and support to the faculty who create them.

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