Head and Neck Cancer: Psychological and Psychosocial Effects


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Author(s): Christopher E. Fundakowski

Publisher: Springer Nature, Year: 2020

ISBN: 9783030278816,3030278816

This volume serves to help readers understand and address factors that contribute to the psychological distress and negative self-perception of patients with head and neck cancer to improve their quality of life. It explores many of these issues in depth, such as the trends in diagnosis of head and neck cancer, disfigurement, advances and outcomes associated with minimally invasive surgery, long-term quality of life and functional outcomes, issues related to cancer pain, importance and impact of nutrition, how reconstructive advances effect functional outcomes, the impact of cancer recurrence, and financial consequences of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Head and Neck Cancer: Psychological and Psychosocial Effects will help otolaryngologists, oncologists, surgeons, psychologists and healthcare professionals define the unique issues associated with the HNC patient population, discuss pertinent data, outline key aspects of high quality care in this population, and to draw attention to necessary future investigations and developments.

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