Green Polymer Chemistry and Composites : Pollution Prevention and Waste Reduction



Author(s): Neha Kanwar Rawat

Year: 2021

ISBN: 9781771889377,9781003083917

This new book examines the latest developments in the important and growing field of producing conventional polymers from sustainable sources. With recent advancements in synthesis technologies and the discovery of new functional monomers, research shows that green polymers with better properties can be produced from renewable resources. This volume describes these advances in synthesis, processing, and technology and provides not only state-of-the-art information but also acts to stimulate research in this direction.

Green Polymer Chemistry and Composites: Pollution Prevention and Waste Reduction illustrates how chemical industries play an essential role to sustain the world economies and looks at forthcoming technologies and scientific developments in novel products, less toxicological materials, and industrial procedures with high efficiency and renewable energy products. Green chemistry seeks for the design of innovative chemical products with higher efficiency and lowest hazardous substances for the health and the environment.

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