Geospatial Approaches to Energy Balance and Breast Cancer


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Author(s): David Berrigan, Nathan A. Berger

Series: Energy Balance and Cancer 15

Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-18407-0;978-3-030-18408-7

Description:Cancer occurs in specific places and spaces, each of which have identifiable geographic coordinates, characterized by unique natural, built and social characteristics, all of which contribute significantly to cancer across the spectrum from etiology through diagnosis, treatment and outcomes. In the first volume of this series, published in 2010, a single chapter was focused on these geographic influences. Since then, the field of geospatial studies of cancer prevention and control has exploded in approaches and applications. Accordingly, this volume focuses on what has now become a very specific research endeavor, Geospatial Factors Impacting Breast Cancer. The book provides important insights into this relatively new and rapidly developing field. It should be of value to all students of the Energy Balance & Cancer Series and a wide-ranging introduction to problems in cancer prevention and control for geographers, demographers and other researchers with a geospatial perspective. Moreover, it provides important information for all oncologists, endocrinologists, and behavioral modification professionals to better understand their patients in the context of their environment. It should also provide important considerations for physicians, scientists, public health professionals and disparity investigator planning clinical trials, community interventions and community planning


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