Gene Regulation and Therapeutics for Cancer


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Author(s): Surinder K. Batra, Moorthy Palanimuthu Ponnusamy

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2021

ISBN: 9781138712423,2020013566,2016028261

Advances in biotechnology have brought gene therapy to the forefront of medical research. The prelude to successful gene therapy, i.e. the efficient transfer and expression of a variety of human genes into target cells, has already been accomplished in several systems. Specifically, gene regulation and targeted therapy are essential for cancer and thus gene regulation and therapeutics are a practical addition to the arsenal of approaches to many human therapies in the 21st century. This book focuses on specific gene regulation and therapeutics in various cancers and new technology used in the field, giving an overall picture to scientists and physicians who are working in cancer research.

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