Gastric Cancer: With Special Focus on Studies from Japan


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Author(s): Akiko Shiotani

Publisher: Springer Singapore, Year: 2019

ISBN: 978-981-13-1119-2,978-981-13-1120-8

This book provides essential insights into the various pathogeneses, diagnoses and therapies for patients with gastric cancer. Special attention is given to trending topics: endoscopic diagnosis, cancer screening and eradication of H. pylori as prevention of the disease. A dedicated section focuses on risk classification and cancer screening/diagnosis, and is intended for practical use in clinical doctors’ day-to-day management of patients. Since cancer screening and prevention is currently only practiced in Japan, this book is intended to disseminate new findings and serve as a point of departure for further research. Abundant color illustrations of the enhanced endoscopic imaging are also included, making it a valuable resource for GI medical doctors, medical students and those seeking detailed information on H. pylori.​

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