Functional Foods in Cancer Prevention and Therapy


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Author(s): Yearul Kabir (editor)

Publisher: Academic Press, Year: 2020

ISBN: 0128161515,9780128161517

Functional Foods in Cancer Prevention and Therapy presents the wide range of functional foods associated with the prevention and treatment of cancer. In recent decades, researchers have made progress in our understanding of the association between functional food and cancer, especially as it relates to cancer treatment and prevention. Specifically, substantial evidence from epidemiological, clinical and laboratory studies show that various food components may alter cancer risk, the prognosis after cancer onset, and the quality of life after cancer treatment. The book documents the therapeutic roles of well-known functional foods and explains their role in cancer therapy.

The book presents complex cancer patterns and evidence of the effective ways to control cancers with the use of functional foods. This book will serve as informative reference for researchers focused on the role of food in cancer prevention and physicians and clinicians involved in cancer treatment.

  • Discusses the role of functional foods in cancer therapy
  • Presents research-based evidence of the role of herbs and bioactive foods in cancer treatment and prevention
  • Provides the most current, concise, scientific information regarding the efficacy of functional foods in preventing cancer and improving the quality of life
  • Explores antioxidants, phytochemicals, nutraceuticals, herbal medicine and supplements in relation to cancer prevention and treatment
  • Contains a clinical approach to the use of functional foods to prevent and treat cancer
  • Emphasizes the role and mechanism of functional foods, including the characterization of active compounds on cancer prevention and treatmen

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