Exercise Oncology: Prescribing Physical Activity Before and After a Cancer Diagnosis


This groundbreaking book presents a unique and practical approach to the evolving field of exercise oncology – the study of physical activity in the context of cancer prevention and control. Presenting the current state of the art, the book is sensibly divided into four thematic sections. Following an opening chapter presenting an overview and timeline of exercise oncology, the chapters comprising part I discuss primary cancer prevention, physical activity and survivorship, and the mechanisms by which these operate. Diagnosis and treatment considerations are discussed in part II, including prehabilitation, exercise during surgical recovery, infusion and radiation therapies, and treatment efficacy. Post-treatment and end-of-life care are covered in part III, including cardio-oncology, energetics and palliative care. Part IV presents behavioral, logistical and policy-making considerations, highlighting a multidisciplinary approach to exercise oncology as well as practical matters such as reimbursement and economics.
Written and edited by experts in the field, Exercise Oncology will be a go-to practical resource for sports medicine clinicians, family and primary care physicians, oncologists, physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists, and all medical professionals who treat cancer patients.

Author(s): Kathryn H. Schmitz

Publisher: Springer Nature, Year: 2020

ISBN: 9783030420116,3030420116

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