Esophageal Cancer: Prevention, Diagnosis and Therapy


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Author(s): Nabil F. Saba; Bassel F. El-Rayes

Publisher: Springer Nature, Year: 2019

ISBN: 9783030298326,3030298329

The second edition of this very successful book documents the latest progress in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of esophageal cancer and includes additional sections covering novel targeted therapeutic approaches, immunotherapy and palliative and nutritional support for patients. Furthermore, the sections covering epidemiology, molecular biology, pathology, staging and radiologic and endoscopic assessments have been thoroughly updated and expanded. The principles of surgical resection, radiation therapy and systemic therapy are reviewed and attention is paid to the multidisciplinary approaches to the management of early stage cervical, thoracic, distal and junctional tumors. Updated information is also provided on the treatment of metastatic and recurrent disease as well as approaches that may impact future care, such as chemoprevention. Esophageal Cancer: Prevention, Diagnosis and Therapy will assist specialists from various disciplines, including surgery, radiation therapy, gastroenterology, medical oncology and palliative medicine, in delivering optimal, up-to-date care to the benefit of patients.

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