Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work


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Author(s): Melissa Hope Ditmore

Publisher: Greenwood Press, Year: 2006

ISBN: 0313329680,9780313329685,9780313083877,0313329699,0313329702,9780313329692,9780313329708


Книга Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work Книги Энциклопедии Автор: Melissa Hope Ditmore Год издания: 2006 Формат: pdf Издат.:Greenwood Press Страниц: 782 Размер: 66,7 ISBN: 0313329702 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: 0) Оценка:From BooklistGiven the cliche about “the world’s oldest profession,” it is curious that this is the first encyclopedia to explore prostitution and the many issues it touches. Apparently, its only published antecedent is a 1998 Russian title that is, according to WorldCat, available in just two OCLC member libraries. This new encyclopedia, then, is for all practical purposes sui generis.Its 179 contributors, most of them academics in a variety of disciplines from throughout the Anglophone world, cover a wide range of topics related to the sex trade. These include its treatment in a variety of national literatures and the works of individual authors (e.g., Oscar Wilde, Emile Zola); its depiction by visual artists; the history and status of prostitution in historical periods and national cultures and notable cities; and even light-pop-culture treatments such as Pretty Woman. Articles of narrower scope treat subjects such as OYOTE, Escort agencies, Free love, Laundresses, Male prostitution, Mustang Ranch, Pimpmobiles, Shoes, Transgender sex workers , Voyeurism , and individuals ranging from Jane Addams to Xaviera Hollander. Hefty appendixes reproduce historical accounts; poems and song lyrics; documents by sex workers; and legal documents related to prostitution, its history, and its regulation. Additional research support is provided by a chronology and an extensive bibliography, which complements the entry-specific further-reading lists. Alphabetical and topical lists of entries facilitate use. Most articles maintain the cool objectivity that is the hallmark of the scholarly encyclopedia. Some few, however, tip their author’s point of view, generally showing sympathy for prostitutes. For example, attorney Juhu Thukral’s articles on Decriminalization and Prohibition slightly favor a view of prostitutes as entrepreneurs burdened by government regulation. Thukral is director of the Sex Workers Project in New York City, which focuses on providing legal services and policy advocacy for the industry.This encyclopedia provides historical context and contemporary analysis of the complex issues related to prostitution, issues easily reduced to shibboleths. It will fill a void in academic reference collections. In communities where prostitution is a concern, it will provide informative background for public-policy discussions. James Rettig

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