DevOps Tools for Java Developers: Best Practices from Source Code to Production Containers


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Author(s): Stephen Chin; Melissa McKay; Ixchel Ruiz; Baruch Sadogursky

Publisher: O’Reilly Media, Inc., Year: 2021

ISBN: 9781492084020,9781492083955

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With the rise of DevOps, low-cost cloud computing, and container technologies, the way Java developers approach development today has changed dramatically. This practical guide helps you take advantage of microservices, serverless, and cloud native technologies using the latest DevOps techniques to simplify your build process and create hyperproductive teams.

Stephen Chin, Melissa McKay, Ixchel Ruiz, and Baruch Sadogursky help you evaluate an array of options. The list includes source control with Git, build declaration with Maven and Gradle, CI/CD with CircleCI, package management with Artifactory, containerization with Docker and Kubernetes, and much more. Whether you’re building applications with Jakarta EE, Spring Boot, Dropwizard, MicroProfile, Micronaut, or Quarkus, this comprehensive guide has you covered.

Explore software lifecycle best practices
Use DevSecOps methodologies to facilitate software development and delivery
Understand the business value of DevSecOps best practices
Manage and secure software dependencies
Develop and deploy applications using containers and cloud native technologies
Manage and administrate source control repositories and development processes
Use automation to set up and administer build pipelines
Identify common deployment patterns and antipatterns
Maintain and monitor software after deployment

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