Dendrimer chemistry: synthetic approaches towards complex architectures


Author(s): García Gallego, Sandra; Malkoch, Michael

Series: Monographs in supramolecular chemistry no. 29

Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry, Year: 2020

ISBN: 9781788012904,9781788011327,9781788019446,1788012909,178801944X

The unique structures and properties of dendrimers make them attractive for many applications, from drug delivery and antimicrobial agents to catalysis and as functional materials. Dendrimer Chemistry provides an overview of the latest advances in the synthesis of dendrimers and other complex dendritic architectures. The book focuses on established building block families for generating dendritic macromolecules, capitalizing on the evolution in the synthesis of dendrimers and other complex dendritic architectures.


Systems covered range from dendritic polyesters and naturally occurring monomers to novel dendritic families. Each chapter starts with an introduction to the dendrimer family and its important features followed by information on the building blocks used to generate the dendrimers, their synthetic strategies and the resulting architectures. Chapters also cover the characterization and structural analysis, commercial availability and cutting-edge applications.


Including forewords from leaders in the field, this will be a useful reference for postgraduate students and researchers in organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, materials science and macromolecular chemistry.

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