Channel Modeling in 5G Wireless Communication Systems


Author(s): Hao Jiang, Guan Gui

Series: Wireless Networks

Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-32868-9,978-3-030-32869-6

Description:This book addresses the fundamental design and technical challenges for fifth generation (5G) wireless channel models, including multi-frequency bands and multi-scenarios. The book presents a strong vision for 5G wireless communication networks based on current market trends, proven technologies, and future directions. The book helps enable researchers and industry professionals to come up with novel ideas in the area of wireless heterogeneity, to minimize traffic accidents, to improve traffic efficiency, and to foster the development of new applications such as mobile infotainment. The book acts as a comprehensive reference for students, instructors, researchers, engineers, and other professionals, building their understanding of 5G and in designing 5G systems.

  • Addresses fundamental design and technical challenges for 5G wireless channel models;
  • Presents how to create reliable statistical channel models to capture the propagation properties between transmitters and receivers;
  • Pertinent to researchers, engineers, and professionals in 5G.

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