Case-Based Clinical Cardiology


Author(s): Azin Alizadehasl, Majid Maleki

Publisher: Springer, Year: 2021

ISBN: 9781447174950,144717495X,9781447174967

Comprehensively covers a range of pathological cases in clinical cardiology
Offers extensive guidance on the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of coronary angiography and arrhythmia
Provides high-quality echocardiography images and videos

This book comprehensively covers a range of pathological cases in clinical cardiology. Chapters are case focused and detail how a patient is diagnosed and treated in a step-by-step format. A range of engaging video clips enhances the reader’s appreciation and understanding of how to apply these techniques into their day-to-day clinical practice with special focus on congenital heart disease diagnosis and management.

Case-Based Clinical Cardiology presents a range of clinical scenarios across all cardiology disciplines with a particular focus on echocardiography, electrocardiography and cardiac catheterization. Therefore, it is an ideal resource for both the novice and experienced cardiology practitioner seeking an up-to-date selection of cases to test their knowledge.

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