Cancer Genetics and Therapeutics: Focus on Phytochemicals


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Author(s): Madhumita Roy, Amitava Datta

Publisher: Springer Singapore, Year: 2019

ISBN: 978-981-13-9470-6,978-981-13-9471-3

The book discusses cancer and the potential use of phytochemicals as cancer therapeutics. It begins with the basics of cancer, including the definition, types, etiology and molecular mechanisms involved, before discussing the fundamentals of diagnosis, treatment and associated problems as well as remedial measures. Since cancer is not a single disease, and the mechanisms of carcinogenesis are different for different cancers, it examines the genes and proteins involved in carcinogenesis, and signal transduction pathways for each individual cancer type. Further, the book reviews the latest research on phytochemicals for cancer treatment, highlighting their anti-cancer properties, sources, structure, active biomolecules and probable mechanisms of action, and describing their biochemical properties in the context of cancer prevention and treatment.

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