Built Up: An Historical Perspective on the Contemporary Principles and Practices of Real Estate Deve...


Author(s): Patrice Derrington

Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2021

ISBN: 2020049667,2020049668,9780367699949,9781003144151,9780367699963


Built Up uncovers the roots of the global real estate industry in the machinations of a patron of Shakespeare, the merged lineages of business savvy women and men, startlingly innovative collaborations with the first English architect, and the radical explorations of other denizens of early modern London – and what those colorful origins mean for the practice of property development today.

Uniting insights from the author’s career as an internationally recognized developer with meticulous archival research, this resource for scholars and professionals synthesizes economic history and the latest planning and finance literature. The result is an unprecedented effort to codify the principles and activities of real estate development as a foundation for future academic research and practical innovation.

By tracing the evolution of property development to its earliest days, Built Up establishes the theoretical groundwork for the next phase in the transformation of the urban environment.

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