Breaking Tolerance to Pancreatic Cancer Unresponsiveness to Chemotherapy: Volume 5


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Author(s): Ganji Purnachandra Nagaraju MSc PhD (editor)

Series: Cancer Sensitizing Agents for Chemotherapy

Publisher: Academic Press, Year: 2019

ISBN: 012817661X,9780128176610

Breaking Tolerance to Pancreatic Cancer Unresponsiveness to Chemotherapy, edited by Dr. Nagaraju focuses on overriding the resistance from chemotherapeutic drugs with a broader range of treatment options. It particularly focuses on stroma, tumor microenvironment, stem cells, stellate cells, transcription factors, growth factors, and important signaling pathways. This volume discusses topics such as pancreatic cancer biology, current therapeutic options, EMT, chemotherapy resistance mechanisms, and genetic manipulations and natural products to enhance the sensitivity of pancreatic cancer to chemotherapy. Additionally, it discusses small targeted molecules and pancreatic cancer trials, and nanotechnology-based drug delivery.

Breaking Tolerance to Pancreatic Cancer Unresponsiveness to Chemotherapy is a valuable source for researchers and advanced students in cancer and oncology as well as clinicians and medical students who are interested in learning more about ways to break pancreatic cancer resistance to chemotherapy.

  • Modulates the biologic properties of stroma in pancreatic cancer by targeting the several chemotherapy resistance mechanisms to impede their malignant property by introducing new strategies and drugs
  • Provides information about on-going research as well as clinical data on pancreatic cancer and detailed descriptions about therapeutic options for easy understanding
  • Utilizes full color figures to help the understanding of the content and tables for easy comparison of information as well as quick access to it

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