Atlas of Lasers and Lights in Dermatology


Author(s): giovanni Cannarozzo;b Steven Paul Nisticò; Keyvan Nouri; Mario Sannino

Publisher: Springer Nature, Year: 2020

ISBN: 9783030312329,3030312321

This richly illustrated atlas written by a team of experts guides the reader to the applications of lasers and light technologies in dermatology. It is divided in two parts: the first reviews the physical and optical concepts related to lasers and light sources, and provides a detailed description of surgical (ablative and non-ablative), vascular and pigmentary laser devices. It also discusses difficult-to-treat conditions, such as melasma and scars. The second part of the atlas is more clinically-oriented, presenting reproducible parameters and high-resolution images of pre and post-treatment, and desired end points in order to achieve an optimal result. Enabling readers to gain an understanding of the various topics concerning lasers, it explores conventional, non-conventional and combined laser treatments in a wide range of indications, as well as practical aspects such as medicolegal issues, informed consent and management of complications. The increasing knowledge and growing expertise in lasers and light devices make it necessary for physicians to be aware of the latest developments in this quickly evolving field. As such, this book is of interest to all physicians working in dermatology, cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, as well as to physician assistants and nurses using lasers in their daily practice.

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