Artificial Intelligence in Breast Cancer Early Detection and Diagnosis


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Author(s): Khalid Shaikh, Sabitha Krishnan, Rohit Thanki

Publisher: Springer International Publishing;Springer, Year: 2021

ISBN: 9783030592073,9783030592080

Description:This book provides an introduction to next generation smart screening technology for medical image analysis that combines artificial intelligence (AI) techniques with digital screening to develop innovative methods for detecting breast cancer. The authors begin with a discussion of breast cancer, its characteristics and symptoms, and the importance of early screening.They then provide insight on the role of artificial intelligence in global healthcare, screening methods for breast cancer using mammogram, ultrasound, and thermogram images, and the potential benefits of using AI-based systems for clinical screening to more accurately detect, diagnose, and treat breast cancer.

  • Discusses various existing screening methods for breast cancer
  • Presents deep information on artificial intelligence-based screening methods
  • Discusses cancer treatment based on geographical differences and cultural characteristics

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