Anti-Angiogenesis Strategies in Cancer Therapies


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Author(s): Davis, Paul J.; Mousa, Shaker A (eds.)

Publisher: Academic Press, Year: 2017

ISBN: 012802576X,978-0-12-802576-5

Anti-angiogenesis Strategies in Cancer Therapeutics provides a detailed look at the current status and future directions in the discovery and development of novel anti-angiogenesis strategies in oncology. This book highlights the different mechanisms involved in the modulation of angiogenesis, including inflammation, thrombosis, and microRNA, and shows how nanotechnology can further enhance the potential of existing and new anti-angiogenesis approaches.

Written for industry scientists, researchers, oncologists, hematologists, and professors and students in the field, this comprehensive book covers all aspects of anti-angiogenesis strategies and their differences.

  • Covers important preclinical models and clinical trials in the discovery and development of novel anti-angiogenesis agents
  • Reviews FDA-approved anti-angiogenesis agents
  • Illustrates the value of nanotechnology in improving the utility of anti-angiogenesis agents
  • Offers insight into the development of novel anti-angiogenesis agents and future direction in this area

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