A Rational Approach to Cancer Treatment – and Why Big Pharma isn’t interested


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Author(s): David Bolton

Publisher: David Bolton, Year: 2020

ISBN: 9780463933855

While caring for my mother, who had cancer (soft-tissue sarcoma), I began to learn everything I could about the treatments offered by modern medicine, most especially, chemotherapy. I was horrified at the facts I discovered: namely, scientific evidence that for nine types of common cancer, chemo contributes absolutely nothing to five-year survival rates – even though oncologists regularly recommend chemo for those types of the disease! This book represents many months of research, and due to the importance of the subject, I am giving it away for free. It will show you facts that everyone should be aware of, both concerning the abuses of the “Industry”, as well as practical guidelines that almost surely will help cancer sufferers, whether or not they opt for a “standard” treatment.

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