99 Bad Boy Traits That Instantly Attract Women


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Author(s): Marc Summers

Publisher: Major League Dating, Year: 2015



In 99 Bad Boy Traits That Instantly Attract Women, You’re Going to Learn:

– Carry yourself in a confident and charming manner that immediately catches women’s attention.

– Talk to women in a way that communicates you’re experienced, you “get it”, and she won’t be disappointed.

– Become a man who doesn’t show women he likes them by kissing ass or seeking approval.

– Become fearless around women you want and communicate you’re their best option.

– Stop sacrificing your value and self-image in exchange for attention, affection, and approval.

– Handle friction and conflict smoothly, confidently, and in a way that multiplies attraction.

– Stop causing women to feel repulsed and “icky” from being way too nice.

– Become more of a leader who women are wildly attracted to instead of a follower.

– Gain women’s loyalty and trust through honesty, straightforwardness, being direct, and not being “sneaky”.

– Become mentally and emotionally stronger so you can pass her unconscious “attraction tests”.

– Become straightforward with your intentions instead of leading her to believe you only want to be her “friend”.

– Stop annoying women by apologizing too much and always making sure they’re “ok”.

– Have the sort of high self-esteem that women find irresistible, intoxicating, and sexy.

– Multiply the attraction women feel for you by becoming physically more attractive.

– Exact detailed tips, advice, and guides on how to dress more like a bad boy and stop dressing and looking like a “nice” guy.

– Get over your fear of beautiful women and how to stop being nervous and intimidated by women.

– Get women to see you as “cool” and “awesome” instead of a dork, nerd, or a geek.

– Gain women’s respect and admiration by being a man who women can’t take advantage of.

– Become more attractive by not caring so much what women and others think about you.

– Not be too “easy” and become a man who’s valuable, challenging, and hard to get.

– Become a man who is “internally driven” instead of looking for hints and clues “outside of himself” for how he should be thinking, behaving, and living his life.

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