101 Algorithms Questions You Must Know: Tricky Questions. Fun Solutions.


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Author(s): Arora, Amrinder

Series: 1718157428

Year: 2018

ISBN: 1718157428, 978-1516513086

“101 Algorithms Questions You Must Know” presents 101 asymptotic complexity Questions and Answers, Organized by Algorithm Design Techniques. The book is designed as an accompaniment to “Analysis and Design of Algorithms” 3rd Edition

The questions are distributed as follows:

9 Warm up Questions on Math Basics
19 Questions on Asymptotic Analysis and Asymptotic Notation
3 Questions on Data Structures
17 Questions on Divide and Conquer
8 Questions on Greedy Algorithms
18 Questions on Dynamic Programming
5 Questions on Graph Traversal (BFS/DFS)
4 Questions on Branch and Bound
9 Questions on NP-Completeness
3 Questions on Lower Bounds, and
6 Questions on Graph Theory

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