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Discover a collation of 40 books in python language

Introducing Python: Modern Computing in Simple Packages

Foundations of PyGTK Development: GUI Creation with Python

Data Analysis with Python and PySpark

Python Concurrency with asyncio

Website Scraping with Python: Using BeautifulSoup and Scrapy

Traefik API Gateway for Microservices: With Java and Python Microservices Deployed in Kubernetes

Making Games with Python & Pygame

Practical Video Game Bots: Automating Game Processes using C++, Python, and AutoIt

Python, Pygame, and Raspberry Pi Game Development

Python for Unix and Linux System Administration

Pro Python System Administration

Foundations of Libvirt Development: How to Set Up and Maintain a Virtual Machine Environment with Python

Powershell and Python Together: Targeting Digital Investigations

A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python

PyQGIS Programmer’s Guide: Extending Qgis 2.X with Python

Introduction to Python for Science and Engineering

Essential Python for the Physicist

Practical Numerical and Scientific Computing with MATLAB® and Python

The Python 3 Standard Library by Example

Pro Python Best Practices: Debugging, Testing and Maintenance

Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional

Tango With Django: A beginner’s Guide to Web Development With Python / Django 1.9

Understanding Optics with Python

Building Machine Learning Systems with Python

Numerical Python: Scientific Computing and Data Science Applications with Numpy, Scipy and Matplotlib

Pro Machine Learning Algorithms: A Hands-On Approach to Implementing Algorithms in Python and R

Coding Games in Python

Python by Paul Barry

Learn web programming with Python and Django

Cracking Codes with Python: An Introduction to Building and Breaking Ciphers

Clean Architectures in Python by Leonardo Giordani

Serious Python by Julien Danjou

Personal Finance with Python: Using pandas, Requests, and Recurrent

The Quick Python Book by Naomi Ceder

Web Scraping with Python: Collecting More Data from the Modern Web

Complex Network Analysis in Python: Recognize – Construct – Visualize – Analyze – Interpret

Python for the Life Sciences: A Gentle Introduction to Python for Life Scientists

Deep Learning from Scratch: Building with Python from First Principles

Practical Data Science with Python 3: Synthesizing Actionable Insights from Data

Math Adventures with Python; An Illustrated Guide to Exploring Math with Code


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