Download Logging in Action: With Fluentd, Kubernetes and more by Phil Wilkins

“Logging in Action: With Fluentd, Kubernetes and more” by Phil Wilkins is a book that focuses on logging in modern software applications. The book covers topics such as:

  1. Introduction to logging: The book starts with an introduction to logging, including the purpose of logging and the different types of logs that can be generated.
  2. Logging frameworks and APIs: The book covers different logging frameworks and APIs that are available in various programming languages. It includes examples of how to use popular logging frameworks such as Log4j, Logback, and Python’s logging module.
  3. Log analysis and visualization: The book covers different tools and techniques for analyzing and visualizing logs, including ELK Stack, Fluentd, and Kubernetes.
  4. Log management and infrastructure: The book covers different log management solutions and the infrastructure required to manage logs effectively. It includes topics such as log rotation, log retention, and log aggregation.
  5. Best practices for logging: The book provides best practices for logging, including tips on what to log, how to log, and how to use logs effectively.

Overall, “Logging in Action” provides a comprehensive guide to logging in modern software applications. It is a valuable resource for developers and operations professionals who need to manage and analyze logs in their applications.

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