How was the Sun created?

Before it was formed, the Sun and therest of the solar system was a huge mass ofhot gas and dust called a solar nebula. Thisnebula spun faster and faster until the cloudsof gases, dust and ice particles clumpedtogether and exploded, forming the sun.

What is a white dwarf?

A small star usually shrinks to form adense white dwarf. The size of a white dwarfis similar to the size of Earth. There are manywhite dwarfs in our galaxy but they are toodim to be seen. Sirius B is one of them.

What is a supernova?

A supernova is a vast explosion inwhich an entire star is destroyed. After theexplosion, extremely bright light is emittedfor several days. Supernovas appear a billiontimes brighter than the Sun. Sometimes, asupernova explosion can go on for weeksor even months. Supernovas mostly occur indistant galaxies. The last supernova to takeplace in the Milky Way occurred in …

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